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Make an Excellent First Impression


I'm an experienced writer, editor and proofreader, with an extensive background in CVs  - both writing and reading. 


Having worked for an employment agency and also in management positions, where I was responsible for hiring, I know which CVs stand out from the crowd; who gets selected for interview and who goes to the bottom of the pile.


We live in a very competitive society; sometimes there are often hundreds of people applying for the same job, so your resume must make an excellent first impression.


My goal: I want you to have good results, so that I can have good results, through recommendations and repeat business.



I usually charge around £30.00 for a CV, but it just depends on how much work is involved. If you send me your details, I will give you a fair price. A lot of companies now are using CV creation software,but I don't do that. I look at each one individually and design it around your needs.

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Online CV

I'll make sure that your new CV will help you get through the door for the initial interview, but sometimes the decision has been made before the interview has even began. Check out my helpful tips that can assist you in making an excellent first impression.


  1. Download and complete the CV Questionnaire below (if you already have an existing CV for me to work on, then you only have to complete the information pertaining  to the jobs which you need to be added).

  2. Send back the completed form to, together with any current CV you may have.

  3. Once payment has been received, I will begin work on your CV and will send you a copy for approval within 2 business days.

  4. When completely satisfied, I will send your CV file to you by email for you to save and print over and over.